Research highlights

Infographic: English language proficiency. Language barrier as a source of stress: 2014-59%; 2016-50%; 2018-23%. 87% of participants studied English since arrival in Australia.




Infographic: Employment. By 2018, 32% or participants had found jobs. However, many participants still had difficulty getting a job that matched their skills.



Infographic: Physical and mental health. 60% of respondents rated their overall health as excellent, very good or good. More than 40% of participants experienced mental health problems in the first five years of settlement.



Infographic: Support and social integration. 93% respondents said they have someone (not living with them) who they could ask for help. More than 40% children had been recognised/received awards for their achievement in school, sports, arts, community.


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The Australian Institute of Family Studies’ Library Catalogue has a comprehensive list of reports and articles that draw on BNLA data.

You can also search FloSse for journal articles and reports from longitudinal studies (including BNLA) run by the Department of Social Services.