Research highlights

Infographic: English language proficiency. Language barrier as a source of stress: 2014-59%; 2016-50%; 2018-23%. 87% of participants studied English since arrival in Australia.




Infographic: Employment. By 2018, 32% or participants had found jobs. However, many participants still had difficulty getting a job that matched their skills.



Infographic: Physical and mental health. 60% of respondents rated their overall health as excellent, very good or good. More than 40% of participants experienced mental health problems in the first five years of settlement.



Infographic: Support and social integration. 93% respondents said they have someone (not living with them) who they could ask for help. More than 40% children had been recognised/received awards for their achievement in school, sports, arts, community.


Selected publications

The Australian Institute of Family Studies’ Library Catalogue has a comprehensive list of publications that draw on Building a New Life in Australia data. Search the catalogue for:

  • list of all BNLA publications
  • list of BNLA publications by AIFS researchers
  • BNLA journal articles in FloSse. FloSse is a searchable repository of journal articles and reports from longitudinal studies (including BNLA) that are run by Longitudinal Studies at the Department of Social Services.